Enable Value


Value enablement brings the relevant technology resources to enable the value creation process and the value integration processes. For example, in order to enable a buying transaction the company needs software that will enable them to capture information about what has been sold, to which customer and at what cost. This software consists of a sales application which contains all the instructions that are programmed to specify how the transaction must take place, the inputs required and how the end result is made available. The sales application will need a database where the information can be stored in. The database requires a database management system. The sales application and data management application will have to be run on a computing machine or server with its own operating system. The operating system translates the instructions contained in the sales application into instructions that can be understood by the processing machine.

Various of applications are needed on multiple processing machines might be needed to complete one business transaction. In this way might there be a need to first qualify the creditworthiness of a person before actually selling something on credit. Since these applications can ran on different machines the machines have to be linked in a network. Various communication standards and protocols are needed to link machines so that they can communicate and work together.

The process of delivering these machines and networks that are needed to enable the business process are called the value enablement process. Without having the correct infrastructure in place value can not be delivered to the customer.

The process includes the specification, procurement and maintenance of the technologies that is required to create the value within the value chain

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