Integrate Value


Value can only be created on an enterprise wide scale if there are good communication systems deployed across the business. Value integration ensures the availability of information to support the creation of value. Value integration through information:

  • Facilitates collaboration across the supply chain to facilitate the creation of value through technologies such as e-mail and document management.
  • Disseminates intelligence across the supply chain to facilitate decision making to sustain the value delivered to the market through technologies like business intelligence systems.
  • Administers transactional activities across the value chain by providing the right information at the right points within the value chain.

Collaboration is enabled through technologies like business process management. Business process management initiates, prioritises, schedules and tracks multiple value creating steps in order to ensure that all the value creating sequences are orchestrated to ensure that a value offering is delivered on time to the customer.
Most modern business captures a vast amount of information to keep track of what is happening in a business. These stores of information are analysed to discover trends and shifts in the market place which allows the company to change as customer expectations change. The ability to access company data and turn that data into meaningful information that helps the business to plan and deliver value is done through the process of value integration.
Lastly each information systems requires large amount of information to be captured and manipulated during the value creating business processes. When the customer makes a payment on his/her account for example then that payment needs to be captured and might have to be taken into account when the interest on outstanding accounts are calculated.

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